Trial Version

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition has created a free trial version of to allow hands-on access on a temporary basis. Simply follow the registration steps to create a temporary login account. The temporary access account is valid for one week after registering. All user-entered data will be lost after the trial period.


The trial version of provides users the same functionality as the licensed version, except that it does not allow users to import or save data. Trial users will be able to compare primary packages, secondary packages and packaging systems. A Primary Package is typically the customer-facing package, a Secondary Package is the packaging used for shipping and storage, and the Packaging System is essentially a number count of a Primary Package design inside a Secondary Package.

Once you build your packaging scenarios, you will be able to generate environmental profiles of up to four packaging alternatives simultaneously. The environmental profiles demonstrate graphically the impacts of each of the four package scenarios for the eight life cycle metrics used by . You will also be able to view the effects of the package designs on a number of additional attributes such as recycled content, sourcing and solid waste.

The trial version uses the same life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) data for the United States and Europe that is in the full licensed version. For more information about the life cycle metrics and packaging attributes, refer to the FAQ page.


The free trial version of does not support importing and exporting of component into the Component Library.


Both the free trial version and the full version of come pre-populated with a number of sample projects to help you familiarize yourself with the layout of the software. A downloadable downloadable one-sheet guide (PDF / 40 KB) and tutorial (PDF / 2.4 MB) is available to help orient the new user and offer an overview of the functionality of .


Signup with your e-mail address and password to use during the trial period. If you already have an access code, please register here.


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